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Adult Dolls for photography, modelling and companionship

Passion Dolls UK are expert discreet sellers to private buyers of adult dolls in the UK.  Our delivery service is second to none and carried out by our own staff who ensure you receive the item you have paid for and the condition you expect.  Please feel free to browse our store and should you require any customisation that is not available on our store page, contact us directly on 02392 414351 or by email at


Various uses for Passion Dolls

Many people buy Passion dolls for various purposes. The most popular purpose is for companionship and sexual activities as they are built on real life people and models.  However, there are a growing number of people who also use them for still life photography and real life paintings.


It can be costly for models and artists to pay for standing models for them to be painted in to real life scenarios.  It can also be a burden on the model to pose for lengthy hours or days for the artist to get the right painting and lighting.  With a Passion doll, the model will stay posed for as long as you need and in the exact same pose without extra pay, food or breaks.  You can literally take your time.



There are also more and more people selling sexy lingerie and clothes on line and again, need models to pose in their chosen clothes.  Arranging for photo shoot opportunities and allowing the models to get changed and pose can take its toll on many people, models and photographers alike.  This can also be very costly in time and money.


With your very own Passion doll, there is no need for breaks or contracts of pay, food, drink etc or being tired.  The Passion Dolls will wear what you require without discussion and pose for as long as you need them for.  It now becomes easy to get the right photos for editing rather than having to arrange for the models to come back and do the whole thing again. With a Passion Doll, they are there in the exact same pose until you have got your perfect picture.

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