About our Passion Dolls

At Passion Dolls UK we ensure that all our clients receive the item they are expecting to receive and in the condition they expect.  We take this industry extremely serious and is why we do our utmost to ensure the doll is what you have ordered and in the condition you expect.  We ensure all our customers receive the greatest satisfaction.  Our dolls are all fully customisable on our store page.

All our Passion Dolls come at a standard height of between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 6 inches with a bendable metal skeleton with TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) for skin.  The Metal skeleton is heavy and very strong and will move similar to a normal human being.  The TPE is of the best quality, non toxic and very flexible with a skin soft feel.  


The dolls hair is a wig and may be changed at will.  Eyes are also moveable to look where you want them to as is the head and neck just like a normal human being.   Eye colour may be changed.  Nails on toes and hands are glued on to be permanent and colour can vary.  These may be painted another colour if you wish.  All vaginas are recommended to be fixed as we consider these to be the best for quality, realistic feel and longevity of this area.  There is no hair in this region as it tends to come away and fall out very quickly with even moderate use.  It can also cause issues with photography whilst wearing lingerie.  Clothes are fitted as we feel fit to look the best for our clients when they receive them.  You may redress them at will.  All sex dolls are fully inspected and signed for by the payee.  All sex dolls are delivered by us and discretion is at the utmost importance to our service.


All our sex dolls are sold as seen in the pictures unless specifically mentioned otherwise or customised by you on the store page.  NOTE: Due to lighting in photographs and monitor, mobile screen resolution, dolls may differ slightly, as would any normal human being.


Full customisation of dolls is possible and may have extra costs, these will be displayed prior to ordering.  Calls may be recorded for security and customer satisfaction purposes and to ensure we deliver exactly what you pay for.


All import taxes, tariffs, VAT and rates are paid for by us.  ​​

What is a Sex Doll?

Solid Metal Skeleton:

All our Passion Dolls have a solid interior skeleton made to high quality and very strong. This enables the dolls to bend and move in a way similar to a human being whilst also being able to support their own weight and light objects.

TPE Material for Skin:

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. This material can stretch as and when the dolls need to bend and move in to positions, it's also very soft with a skin like feel. The amount of material (skin) used is substantial compared to cheap blow up doll materials and hence the expensive price tag.


Hair, Eyes and Fingers:

All our Passion Dolls come with hair on their head (wig) and finger and toe nails. The eyes are very realistic and can easily be adjusted to look at you or something else - this makes them great at posing and photography and gives them a realistic alive look.



This next text is written by the owner of Passion Dolls and shares his direct and personal experiences 

The owner of Passion Dolls UK decided to start this business after some great triumphs but also some failures when purchasing love dolls on line.  In particular sensitive items such as sexual stimulants, toys and sex dolls for experiences of passion and love.  Integrity and privacy come high on many people’s lists, but seems higher up to us folks in the UK, it’s certainly at the top of ours.  Of course, we’re all very normal but that’s not to say we want anyone else knowing what we're buying on line and doing behind our closed doors, that’s our business, not theirs.


Message from the owner: 
When I initially wanted to buy my first sex doll I was greeted with many drawbacks.  One of them was the trust issue when dealing with foreign companies and making financial transactions.  Was I going to get what I ordered? Could I lose the money I put down? What if it wasn’t as the photos depict? What if other people know or find out what I’ve ordered?  The list was literally endless and with many worries, this put me off from buying a sex doll for several years. Of course, travelling all the way to foreign lands and bringing just one back for me was not financially viable.  So I decided to set up my own business selling the very things I am passionate about - Sex Dolls.  Welcome to Passion Dolls and I hope you find what you are looking for.


When I imported my very first sex doll, I was shocked and horrified that other people knew of this.  This was due to many factors but not only due to shipping from half way round the world but more to do with customs inspections along the way and many borders as well as, I suspect, nosey and inquisitive delivery drivers.  Obviously customs and security checks do not package the item back in the condition it may have been packaged in at the factory - and that's assuming the factory packed it well.  This compromised the luxury of the sex doll and gave it a cheap feeling, I was after luxury, quality and a real life looking sex doll, not a cheap silicone love doll.  Cardboard boxes and packaging simply does not survive the journey.  Needless to say, my sex doll arrived from a well-known courier with local delivery driver but was delivered to my neighbour, even when they stated it was coming direct to me!!  The packaging was in tatters and although I didn’t speak with my neighbour about it. I knew they knew what it was.  The top half of the body was sticking out so it didn’t leave much to the imagination of what the package was.  Courier drivers and depot workers can sometimes get a little inquisitive on partially open packages (as can we all), especially on such heavy packages, care of delivery can sometimes be compromised.  I wouldn't go on holiday and send my luggage abroad in a cardboard box and expect it to be fine. 


I don't wish others to have to go through the constant embarrassing moments when ever seeing the neighbours or their visitors.  One other pass time of British people is gossiping, I don't wish for my clients to be the talk of the town.  

This is why I took it upon this business to ensure we deliver personally to our customers with the utmost confidentiality. This ensures that every Passion Doll you order from us, is luxury quality and has a realistic look and feel to it whilst being delivered to you and only you at a time that is convenient.


What do you do that's different from your competition?

So, what we do differently is ensure all packages and items are delivered to us personally to ensure that the packaging is safe and secure and your very own Passion Doll is in good order.  We also importantly ensure that your ordered doll is legal for importation to the UK, this area can land some people with sentences or media exposure and is extremely serious.  It is with this in mind that we have a strict policy against child like dolls.  We take photos and ensure that the goods you have ordered are safe and as expected for you to take delivery and ensure you do with discretion at the top of the list.  We ensure that our own couriers deliver the goods uncompromised and in a timely fashion and only allow delivery to the selected and dedicated person.  Although this can be costly due to the weight of the package.  You will be extremely satisfied with your new passion doll and free from embarrassing situations forever more.  We also ensure our sourcing of sex dolls are of the very best quality.  If we wouldn't accept them, you shouldn't have to either.  Read our Privacy Policy for further information.


Why are sex dolls so expensive?


Ok, a great question.  Why are passion dolls so expensive?  First off, the interior, the bit you can’t see but certainly feel and appreciate is the full working metal skeleton.  This is complex within itself as it is scaled and able to move just like you and me. Once the metal has been sourced and the skeleton assembled with all moving joints, the mould for the skin can take place.  Again when the skin is moulded to the skeleton, it’s a careful process to ensure that the joints on the skeleton do not get seized up. 

Then we get to the skin.  If you’ve ever purchased a life like skin toy like a vagina (the most common), then you would appreciate that they can get a little costly, and with a vagina, the weight is light and material of just the skin.  These can typically set you back a nice £50.00 alone.  You also have many other parts to the passion doll and just pricing up items such as the wig, the quality of the eyes, the eyelashes, the nails, the clothing etc can run into several hundreds of pounds - think of how much a girl spends on getting her nails done. 

Then you have the packaging for the passion doll, this is purposely pulled apart several times during transport as the sex doll is inspected through borders, of course, it shows on the X-ray as a metal skeleton so such packages are often inspected for other items that may be illegal to be imported.  We certainly wouldn't want any of our clients ending up with contraband in their package.  This is why we get the packages delivered to us first for final inspection before sending them to you direct from our depot.  Lastly, there is the weight of the passion doll.  Weighing between 30kgs and 50kgs is very heavy.  Although this gives good natural weight to your passion doll to feel like you are grabbing close to the real thing or whether the weight is on top of you or below you, also causes great issues with transportation across the world.  This goes from the initial metal skeleton to the skin to all the other parts that make the whole.  Then there’s the shipping to us and then finally to you and all the inspections and quality control along the way from the factory to us.  So you can appreciate it’s not just buying a plane ticket for someone to fly half way round the world.  Hope I didn't bore you with that long answer. 



Why is www.PassionDolls.co.uk able to sell dolls at the price advertised in comparison to other websites?


Ok, so looking on the web with reputable and decent, long established companies, I can see as well as you that these sex dolls are in the region of £2-3,000 upwards for genuine high quality luxury sex dolls.  Then you may have optional extras etc.  So, how can we sell them cheaper and still make money?  Great question.  Let me explain.  The dolls in the picture that you see for sale will be the doll you receive – give or take a little makeup or colour change and your own personal customisation - please bear in mind photo, studio lighting and your monitor/phone screen resolution etc.  The passion dolls are made to your specifications, packaged and ready to ship.  For whatever reason, not every passion doll gets sold after completion and order and therefore are left literally on the shelf and although unused, they are also in many cases unwanted and unloved and simply taking up valuable space. They take up room in the warehouse and have a large amount of capital invested in them already, too much capital to just lay around when they could be giving someone great pleasure.  So, we work closely with all those involved and our partners to bring to you the passion doll depicted in the picture, no fancy extras, no pricey add-ons, no gimmicks or up selling.  It is what you see built to your specifications and modification.  So, if you like what you see then order on line or before you order, please feel free to give us a call to discuss anything you may wish to talk about, and don’t worry, we're all as open minded as you are, hence why I built this business in the first place.  No question is a silly question and you will be taken seriously.  Your pleasure is our pleasure. 


What should I do to prepare for my delivery?


Be sure to measure for size before placing your order and check that the weight is suitable for you to move the sex doll around - our sex dolls come in various sizes - no smaller and no larger (unless customised) and will weigh between 4.5 and 6.5 stones - basically a very light women but will be dead weight and seem heavy.

We will help you with size and look of your passion doll if needed but this will cost more and be bespoke to you - we will always quote before you commit and the price you pay will be for the sex doll you ordered.

Take the whole day off work ready for the delivery of your passion doll – and definitely free up your evening - we shall give you an excellent time slot for delivery and check you are happy with the order.  Remember, you are dealing with us directly. 

We will give you plenty of notice for your discreet delivery so you can prepare.  See our details listed on our Shipping and Payment info page for further information.

All packages are sealed and unmarked along with our delivery and maintenance van.

Your transactions to us will not be under our company name, we ensure your discretion and privacy at all time.

Your passion doll will be new and unused and ready for you upon taking delivery.