About Us

Realistic Passion Dolls:

We aim to provide the best quality dolls at an affordable price, however, just like a real person, may have slight imperfections.  If any, will be pointed out to you prior to you signing and accepting your order.  All Passion Dolls are representative of females over the age of 18.  In no way will we offer ‘child like’ dolls.


Passion Dolls UK Disclaimer:

We sell all our Passion Dolls as novelty items and display only for photo shoots etc.  We will not be held liable for any injury caused by improper use, this includes the lifting and carrying of such a heavy item.  The Passion dolls may look slightly different from the photos due to studio lighting, just like a real person can look different in photos than they do in real life.


Copyright of Passion Dolls.co.uk, Passion Dolls.org.uk (Passion Dolls UK inclusive of all material):

This website in its entirety including all wording and photographs including but not limited to any social media sites or third party websites, may not be permitted to be copied, reproduced, posted on any social media site or personal blog, broadcast or downloaded in any way without the site owner’s permission.  Purchase or orders of our dolls may not be replicated to be sold to a third party at a higher price without our prior consent.  Any affiliation, affiliations or white label sellers of sex dolls are required to have our written permission to do so.



We value and understand our customer’s right to privacy and respect that to the utmost degree.  Due to this we have certain policies in place to ensure we deliver the purchased dolls and accessories to the customer only unless specifically informed in written format.  If suitable I.D is not shown on the day of delivery such as a passport or driving licence (provisional is accepted), or/and a suitable form of I.D has not been agreed beforehand, or/and if we feel or suspect we are not delivering to the payee, we shall reserve the right to cancel the delivery and re-book another suitable time and day with the payee.