Belle - Passion Doll
Welcome to our sex doll called Belle. 
Belle loves to box and will certainly give you a run for your money.  If you like to be dominated by this sexy large heavy doll, then Belle is the sex doll for you.


Belle is only available with a large breast size in D/E cup.


Skin colour is as per photos.

Fixed vagina for the ultimate feel and look experience.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to Belle's thick thighs, large bottom and large heavy breasts, Belle is one of our heavier dolls weighing in at around 9.5 stone.  



Belle - Passion Doll

    • TPE Sex Doll with movable metal skeleton
    • Height approximately 5ft 3 inches
    • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
    • Real life skin
    • Metal Skeleton with movable joints
    • Posable and usable for both photography/modelling, clothes ect and for real life painting
    • Weight is approximately 60kg or 9.5 stones


    PLEASE NOTE:  Belle is one of our heavier dolls due to her large thick thighs and large heavy breasts.