Isabella - Passion Doll
Welcome to our Passion Doll called Isabella.


We are proud to showcase our Passion Doll available from September 2020 and available for delivery in our most quickest of times.  We have this doll on fast production and priority shipping so can delivery to you within around 3 weeks of confirming your order.  Isabella would make the most perfect of companions.


Isabella is pictured with luscious brown eyes, a beautifully well worked tan and stunning red hair.  She will take your breath away.


Isabella comes with a basic set of clothes to get you started.



Isabella - Passion Doll

    • TPE Sex Doll with movable metal skeleton
    • Height of 5ft 2 inches 
    • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
    • Real life skin
    • Metal Skeleton with movable joints
    • Posable and usable for both photography/modelling, clothes or physical companionship ect.