Wigs each - Various colours

We offer a set of wigs for all our sex dolls in a range of colours.


Please Note: The wigs are specially tailored to fit the dolls we offer and may not fit other dolls by other brands or suppliers.  All our wigs are elasticated and stitched to fit the heads of the dolls we have advertised on our website.


All wigs are long in length so you may cut to the length you require.

Once the hair is fitted to your doll, with head in normal resting position, the hair will approximately  come down to cover the breasts.

Wig simply fits on top of the dolls head and is easily adjustable with a firm fit.

Wigs are hand washable but care must be taken.  Like normal hair, some may come out when washing.

Hair is synthetic and not real human hair.

Wigs are not adjustable to fit human heads or other dolls.


* Due to screen resolution, brightness and image quality, colour may not be an exact match and therefore some slight difference in colour must be expected.

Wigs each - Various colours

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