Rosie - Passion Doll
Welcome to our sex doll called Rosie -


Rosie is so sexy it hurts.  Her look is so realistic and sexual it pains us to even look at her pictures.  If we sold a million sex dolls of Rosie, it still woudn't be enough for every one to enjoy her sexy body.  Rosie will strip for you whenever you want her to and at no extra charge.  She will wait for you all day and never argue with you.  Rosie will do whatever you like.  Rosie comes best with a medium cup size, preferably B or C cup.  Pictured is between C and D.


Skin colour is as seen in the picture.


Rosie - Passion Doll

    • TPE Sex Doll with movable metal skeleton
    • Height between 5ft 2 to 5ft 6 inches
    • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
    • Real life skin
    • Metal Skeleton with movable joints
    • Posable and usable for both photography/modelling, clothes ect and for real life painting