Real Person V's a Passion Doll

Does a passion doll replace the real thing?

Why real is better than fake?

This is such an interesting topic and one that gets us all in to a good debate of comparable – although it can often upset people or the established way of thinking, especially those ignorant to own individual needs and thoughts.  It may also pose a great threat to the opposite sex as now the need for lust or sex is firmly taken out of the question.  Now, a passion doll is not there to replace the real thing in a social way but it can certainly help with the sexual part, modelling or for photography – but let’s be honest here, there is a strong primal reason we get with a partner in the first place.  We may or may not have friends already for various reasons but we want something else than friendship, we want the natural sexual part as well for as long as our appetite is there and it keeps working.  That special connection we have with our fellow human beings can be thwart with problems but also with very special moments – a passion doll is not there for this and cannot replace this.  So, your passion doll – let’s look at some of the differences:


Downside of a passion doll versus a human companion

  • She will not move around by herself and is not automated

  • Will not talk back to you

  • Will not do her own washing and will not clean up after herself (but she wont make a mess either)

  • Will not leave when you ask her to or call her own cab

  • Will eventually get old and carry some scars through adventures and life

  • Will not get ready by herself – you have to get her ready

  • Comes with a hefty upfront price commitment

Upside of a passion doll versus a human companion (Just to balance the discussion)


Why fake is better than real?


  • She will be at home waiting for you – whatever time you get back – She will be there

  • She will never question you, your time spent at work, your looks or your wealth.  She will never judge you – of course, she can’t, she doesn’t speak or have emotions

  • She will not cheat on you or be angry if you cheat on her

  • She will never accuse you of anything

  • If using for photography, will stay perfectly still

  • Will wear whatever items you require without discussion

  • Will pose for whatever reason without compromise

  • If being painted, will hold exact position until you're done

  • She will always be discreet and never tell

  • You will not catch or spread any sexually transmitted diseases

       - Assuming you keep her clean

  • You cannot get your passion doll pregnant so there will be no surprises here, if you want children, get a real women.

  • You do not have to wear condoms or think about precautions to pleasure – there are no boundaries here other than what you make – but do remember she will break if mistreated just like a human would get injured

  • She will not talk back to you

  • She will never leave you

  • She will never say No or have a head ache