Expertly made Adult Passion Dolls 

All sex dolls may be customised to your satisfaction and prices may vary (except where pre built and in stock).  These will be displayed before you place in your cart and prominently displayed prior to ordering.  Any customisation that is not listed but required by you, please get in contact with us directly by calling 02392 414351 or if preferred by email at


You may just simply want the sex doll listed in the picture and if so, please be sure to mention when ordering or phoning.  All orders are done so securely online with a debit or credit card enabling you full consumer protection and to save any errors when placing your order.



  • All dolls are able to stand alone when positioned correctly (Standing feet required for modelling)

  • All fingers are bendable and able to grip light objects

  • Wrists move, fingers bend and all other joints similar to a human are positionable

  • Bottom, mouth and vagina can all be used

  • Minimum height on all dolls are 5 feet 2 inches (158cm)


NOTE: Some difference may be seen as studio lighting may affect picture, as with any human being or object.  

The dolls skin colour seen in the pictures is just like a real persons skin colour, when photographed may be slightly different due to your screen monitor resolution or/and our studio lighting. 

All Passion dolls are fully customisable (except where already in stock) including breast size and height of doll.  Costs may vary and be presented to you BEFORE you commit or part with any money, you may simply wish to purchase a doll straight from the pictures.  Either way we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your order every step of the way.  


PLEASE NOTE: We accept all major Credit Cards and BACS.  You are protected, safe and provided security under UK consumer law and your personal details are protected under GDPR.  You are dealing with a UK based business.  All transactions made to us will be displayed under the name UPSTREAM.

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